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Expanding to the perfusion of other solid organs

One of the goals of the Bridge is to expand to the machine perfusion of other solid organs and to use the ex vivo platform as an opportunity to add gene-, cell-, and cell-derived therapies. In early June, the chief perfusionist of the Bridge at the Lund site, Dr. Leif Pierre, and perfusionist Niklas Sterner, also from Lund, participated in a workshop on liver perfusion in Groningen, The Netherlands, together with the team from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Furthermore, Dr. Leif Pierre has been a pioneer in ex vivo perfusion. He performed the first ex vivo lung perfusion as the chief perfusionist in Professor Stig Steen's lab in the late '90s and carried out the first uncontrolled DCD using ex vivo lung perfusion in 2000 at Lund University Hospital, Sweden.

Liver Perfusion
Photo: Liver Perfusion. Leif Pierre (left) Niklas Sterner (right)



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